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We are citizens dedicated to Freedom and Liberty. Our unalienable rights come from Natural Law.


We believe in the right to keep and bear arms. Taking guns away

from law abiding citizens eliminates a guaranteed constitutional, funda- mental right.

We believe that Elections should have full Integrity, be honest, fair and free, without the corruption of voter fraud or inaccurate voter rolls and damaging election law.

We believe in the original intent of our Constitution, and judges must not “legislate from the bench.”

We believe our right to free thought and speech must be protected and expressing what we believe is not prejudicial.


What We Can Do

Join The Cause

California Constitutional Rights Foundation will provide you with a voice to speak up on the issues that affect your rights and will work to protect them.

Stay Informed

Many choose to believe what they hear from others. The California Constitutional

Rights Foundation wants you to be as informed of both sides of the issues.

Knowledge of Current Law

The California Constitutional Rights Foundation will keep you informed on both sides of the issues because knowledge is power. Knowing the issues backward and forward will be effective in our fight to keep freedom and justice for all.

Spread The Word

As a concerned citizen interested in current law and justice news, join the California Constitutional Rights Foundation to not only inform yourself but those you are in contact each and every day.


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Freedom of Speech

Freedom to believe as we wish and to mexpress our thoughts is our basic constitutional right. Without freedom of speech, we are not FREE.




Freedom of Speech

Freedom to believe as we wish and to express our thoughts is our basic constitutional right. Without freedom of speech, we are not FREE.




Freedom of Religion

Freedom to practice our religious faith is a sacred right and should be without governmental or political interference.




Free and Impartial Justice

Judges must be dedicated to protecting our fundamental rights from governmental and political interference. Holding to the original intent of the Constitution is critical.




Voting Rights

The Right to Vote for every eligible American Citizen and to have their vote count must be protected. Fraudulently cast votes destroy these rights. Fraud, manipulation and inaccurately counted votes threaten our Republic.

Freedom of Religion
Equal Justice
Freedom of Vote