"CCRF Will Stand With and Defend San Diego County Business Owner Who Has Been Criminally Charged in Covid -19 Lockdown Case!"

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"Peter San Nicolas, small business owner of the Ramona Fitness Center and patriot is fighting against the lockdown and needs your support. It’s not only for his business but thousands of other small businesses effected by the lockdown. Who will stand and who’ll fight against this overreach of our government? Will you join together with me and the CCRF to give us American Small Business owners our livelihoods back? I believe that many small businesses are afraid to stand up because they’ve been threatened by the governments blatant over reaching orders. I am the first small business to be targeted and charged here in San Diego County. We need to unite and fight for ALL small business. Proceeds will be donated to the California Constitutional Rights Foundation which is fighting for all small businesses in California."

Peter San Nicolas and CCRF Lawyer Gary Creep speaks about this case

 California Magazine Ban Case (Duncan v.s. Becerra)

CCRF contributes to Big 2nd Amendment win as Federal Court Tosses California’s Ban on High Capacity Magazines.


The California Constitutional Rights Foundation with other organizations had filed an Amicus Brief in the appeal of the case Duncan v.s. Beccera.  Virginia Duncan, et al, had originally sued Xavier Beccerra, California’s Attorney General on the basis that California’s High Capacity magazine ban was a violation of 2nd Amendment Rights.   On March 29, 2019 US District Court Judge Roger T. Benitez originally ruled in favor of Virginia Duncan that The large Capacity magazine ban was unconstitutional and a violation of 2nd Amendment Rights. Shortly after, Beccera appealed for the State of California.  Last Friday, August 14, 2020, A 3 Judge Panel, in what may become a landmark ruling, affirmed Judge Benitez original ruling that The large Capacity Magazine Ban was unconstitutional.

"CCRF Will Stand With and Defend Dan Diego County Business Owner Who Has Been Criminally Charged in Covid -19 Lockdown Case!"

San Diego County Businesses are Uniting Now to REOPEN!!!

Governor Newsome's New “Slower” Covid-19 Guidelines will make it impossible for Businesses to open and return to normal. These Covid-19 Restriction will put Our businesses out of business.

The California Constitutional Rights Foundation, a project of the FAITH & FREEDOM FOUNDATION, Inc., Alexandria Virginia, is helping San Diego County Business Owners lead the fight to help Sacramento understand that Our Businesses must OPEN TO SURVIVE!

Nevada County Restaurant Coalition with CCRF Files Lawsuit against Governor Newsom over never ending Covid-19 Restrictions!

“Your subjective & destructive COVID business guidelines will not stop us from infusing life into our community both socially and economically.  We provide and will continue to provide hope, vitality, happiness, and joy necessary for human well-being in our communities”


Nevada County group comprised of a dozen restaurants are filing a lawsuit because of arbitrary restrictions that have damaged their communities and will seek damages for the economic destruction they have caused to their communities, families and business.

Placer County Businesses are fighting Back!

Help Save Placer County Businesses!

The State of California is putting our Small Businesses out of Business with the unfair Covid-19 Restrictions.   Donate now to provide the legal help to save them!

all these Businesses are fighting Back!  please support them


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